Basalt Fiber

Basalt Fiber Bidirectional Cloth:
Basalt fiber compared with carbon fiber, aramid fiber UHMWPE and other high-tech chemical fiber also has excellent performances such as good heat resistance, oxidation, noise insulation, filtration, anti-compression strength and high shear strength. It is able to be used in a variety of environments and cost-effective in addition to features such as high strength and high modulus.

  Reinforcement Yarn   Fiber Count (10mm)    
Code Warp Weft Weave Pattern Warp Weft Weight (g/𝒎𝟐) Thickness (mm)
ATT 601-111 80tex 80tex Plain / Twill 10 10 200 0.2
ATT 601-112 300tex 80tex Plain / Twill 10 10 300 0.32
ATT 601-113 300tex 80tex Plain / Twill 7 7 420 0.36

Of Application:
1. Old Buildings or Structures Retrofitting.
2. Seismic Retrofitting.
3. Strengthening of the structures.

Basalt Fiber Unidirectional Cloth:
Basalt Unidirectional Fabrics are a sorts of high performance engineering bonded structural strengthening of concrete, masonry or wood members. They are used in conjunction with an appropriate levelling mortar or putty and structural adhesive to improve the flexural or shear strength of the member.

Code Tensile Strength (MPa) Tensile Modulus (Gpa) Elongation (%) Weight (g/𝒎2) Thickness (mm)
ATT 602-111 2100 105 2.6 200 0.100
ATT 602-112 2100 105 2.6 300 0.220
ATT 602-113 2100 105 2.6 400 0.36

1. Reinforcement and repair of the construction and bridge.
2. Seismic Retrofitting.

Basalt Fiber Rebars:
The basalt fiber rebar is an ideal advanced material to replace steel and glass rebar. It can provide different size and appearance bars to meet clients demanding.

Code Diameter Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elastic Modulus (GPA) Elongation (%) Density (g/𝑐𝑚3)
ATT 603-100 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm 780 - 880 58 2.6 1.9-2.1

A. NSM Structural Strengthening.
B. Masonry Strengthening.

Basalt Fiber Chopped Strands:

Code Chopped Length (mm) Filament Diameter (μm) Tensile Strength (MPa) Tensile Modulus (GPa) Elongation (%) Density (g/𝑐𝑚3) Colour
ATT 604 -100 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 20mm 7-13 1850 – 2800 60-85 1.5 1.76 Black

A. Concrete Retrofitting.
B. Concrete Strengthening.

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